The Team

  • Patrick Cahan

    Role: Principal Investigator

    Research Interests: Computational tools for cell engineering; stem cells; synovial joint

  • Ray Cheng

    Role: Postdoctoral Fellow

    Research Interest: Regulation of bone marrow stromal cell multipotency

  • Dan Peng

    Role: PhD Candidate in BME

    Research Interest: Realistic computational models of transcriptional state transitions in development and cancer

  • Eric Kernfeld

    Role: PhD Candidate in BME, co-advised by Alexis Battle

    Research Interest: Modeling the relationships between the transcriptome and other aspects of the cell

  • Sharon Onggo

    Role: PhD candidate in Pathobiology, co-advised by Aaron James

    Research Interest: Transcriptional and epigenetic determinants of cell fate.

  • Ryan Chan

    Role: Research Specialist

    Research Interest: Transient reprogramming of the musculoskeletal system

  • JiHye Yea

    Role: Postdoctoral fellow

    Research Interest: Development and disorders of the synovial joint

  • Connie Chen

    Role: Undergraduate in BME

    Research Interest: Integrative exploration of metabolomics and transcriptomics states in osteosarcoma

  • Alex Chen

    Role: Masters student

    Research Interest: Computational analysis of liver cell differentiation

  • Alexandra Mo

    Role: Masters student

    Research Interest: Leveraging multi-omics integration to infer precise genetic regulatory networks