Lab alumni

Ray Cheng
Role: PhD student (BCMB)
Thesis: Gene regulatory networks governing multipotency of adult murine bone marrow stromal cells
Kailey Young
Role: Summer intern from Loyola University
Focus: Transcriptional circuits of synovial joint progenitor cells
Position after leaving: Back at Loyola University
Emily Lo
Role: PhD student (BME); jointly advised with Andy Feinberg
Thesis: The landscape of epigenetic and transcriptional memory in pancreatic cancer initiation and progression
Position after leaving: Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics -- Regeneron
Aashita Dixit
Role: MS student
Focus: Wnt signaling and epigenomic remodeling in development
Position after leaving: Senior Scientist -- Thermo Fisher
Yuqing Han
Role: Undergraduate
Focus: Human embryonic progenitors
Position after leaving: PhD student at Rice University
Kathleen Noller
Role: PhD student (BME)
Thesis: Computational analysis of single-cell transcriptomic data for the identification and characterization of cell identity and fate potential
Position after leaving: Postdoc in Elana Fertig's lab at Johns Hopkins.
Emily Su
Role: PhD student (BME)
Thesis: Computational tools to explore cell identity transitions with application to cell fate engineering
Position after leaving: Postdoc in Jason Buenrostro's lab at Harvard/Broad.
Tiffany Chu
Role: Masters student (BME)
Thesis: Detection of non-transcriptionally mediated changes in transcription factor activity using multiomic single-cell data
Position after leaving: Bioinformatics Research Associate at SeqMatic
Qin Bian
Role: Postdoctoral fellow; Instructor
Focus: Synovial joint development and osteoarthritis
Position after leaving: Scientist II at Georgiamune, Gaithersburg, MD
Jessica Kasamoto
Role: Undergraduate (BME)
Focus: Developing single-cell algorithms to reconstruct gene regulatory networks
Position after leaving: PhD student at Yale University
Michael Farid
Role: Undergraduate (BME)
Focus: Creation and optimization of cell fate engineering tools
Position after leaving: MD/PhD student at Hopkins
Yuqi Tan
Role: PhD Student (BCMB)
Focus: SingleCellNet; Single cell comparison of in vitro vs in vivo development
Position after leaving: Postdoc in Garry Nolan's lab at Stanford University
Abby Spangler
Role: Research Specialist
Focus: Directed differentiation of embryonic stem cells to articular chondrocytes
Position after leaving: Research Associate at Lieber Institute
Jordan Wilson
Role: PREP Scholar
Focus: Mouse models of osteoarthritis
Position after leaving: PhD student in xdBio program at Hopkins
Wen-Hsin Tai
Role: Visiting Summer Researcher from Taipei Medical University
Focus: Validation, improvement, and extention of CancerCellNet
Position after leaving: Back at medical school
Sam Crowl
Role: Summer FARM Fellow
Focus: Implementing SingleCellNet for analysis of engineered neural cell populations
Position after leaving: Back at Kansas University
Ethan Tardio
Role: Undergraduate (Cell Biology)
Focus: Maximizing mesoderm formation during directed differentiation of embryoid bodies
Position after leaving: Research Assistant in the Kolb lab at JHSOM
Rachel Gleyzer
Role: Visiting Undergraduate Summer Researcher from University of Chicago
Focus: Cancer CellNet
Position after leaving: Back at University of Chicago
Ingri Rivera-Torres
Role: High School Summer Student
Focus: Stem cell differentiation
Position after leaving: Back in high school
Ian Macdonald
Role: High School Summer Student
Focus: Pancreatic organoids
Position after leaving: Back in high school
Stephanie Cai
Role: Undergraduate Researcher (BME)
Focus: Imputation, and cancer transcriptional networks
Position after leaving: Analyst at BlackRock
Remy Schwab
Role: Bioinformatics Assistant
Focus: Cloud-based framework for deploying re-usable bioinformatics tools
Position after leaving: Bioinformatics Engineer at PGDx
Brad Isaacs
Role: JHU MD student
Focus: Investigating gene regulatory networks in cancer biology
Position after leaving: Back in medical school
Sydney Mason
Role: Visiting Summer Undergraduage Researcher
Focus: Articular Chondrocyte differentiation and genome engineering
Position after leaving: Undergrad at Northeastern University
Pavithra Kumar
Role: MSE Student (BME)
Focus: Single cell RNA-Seq; in-silico assessment of cancer cell line fidelity
Position after leaving: Clinical programmer at Genentech
Arthur Radley
Role: Visiting Masters Student from University College, London
Focus: Adapting CellNet for RNA-seq
Position after leaving: PhD student at University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research
Richard Chen
Role: Undergraduate Researcher (BME)
Focus: GRN inference
Position after leaving: Durr Lab
Jeesoo Kim
Role: Undergraduate Researcher (CS)
Focus: Data curation for RNA-seq adaption of CellNet
Position after leaving: