Meet our Lab!

Patrick Cahan: Assistant Professor

Patrick Cahan grew up in St. Louis, MO. He received a B.S. in Computer Science from University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where he got his first research experience working on Information Retrieval systems. While working in Chile as a programmer, Patrick became interested in Computational Biology and returned to the US to pursue a M.S. in Genomics and Bioinformatics at GWU in Washington D.C., and then a Ph.D. in Computational Biology from Washington University in St. Louis in the lab of Dr. Tim Graubert, where he investigated the impact of DNA copy number variation on gene expression. His postdoctoral work in the lab of Dr. George Daley at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital included the development and experimental validation of computational methods to assess and improve engineered cells, such as those resulting from directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells.

  • Emily Su

    Role: PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering

    Research Interest: Algorithms to reconstruct single-cell trajectories and gene regulatory networks.

  • Qin Bian

    Role: Post-Doctoral Fellow

    Research Interest: Molecular signatures of articular chondrocytes.

  • Yuqi Tan

    Role: PhD Candidate in Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology

    Research Interest: Developing CellNet for single-cell RNA sequencing & tumor heterogeneity.

  • Emily Lo

    Role: PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering. Co-advised by the Feinberg Lab

    Research Interest: Exploring the role of epigenetic and transcriptional stochasticity in cell fate decisions and cancer.

  • Abby Spangler

    Role: Research Technologist

Undergraduate and Rotation Students

  • Stephanie Cai

    Role: BME Undergraduate Student

    Research Interest: Investigating the complexities of reconstructing gene regulatory networks from single cell expression data

  • Ethan Tardio

    Role: Cell Biology Undergraduate Student

    Research Interest: Maximizing mesoderm formation during directed differentiation of embryoid bodies


  • Remy Schwab
    Bioinformatics Assistant
    Project: Cloud-based framework for deploying re-usable bioinformatics tools
    Now: Bioinformatics Engineer at PGDx

    Brad Isaacs
    JHU MD student
    Project: Investigating gene regulatory networks in cancer biology
    Now: Back in medical school

    Ray Cheng
    BCMB Rotation Student
    Project: Characterization of novel cell populations in the synovial joint
    Now: Still shopping...

    Sydney Mason, Summer Undergrad
    Northeastern University
    Project: Articular Chondrocyte differentiation
    Now: Undergrad at Northeastern University

    Pavithra Kumar, MSE Student
    Biomedical Engineering
    Project: Single cell RNA-Seq; in-silico assessment of cancer cell line fidelity
    Now: Clinical programmer at Genentech

    Arthur Radley, MS Visiting Student
    University College London
    Project: Adapting CellNet for RNA-seq
    Now: PhD student at University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research

    Kathleen DiNapoli, PhD Rotation Student
    Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology
    Project: Computationally validating the identity of cancer cell lines
    Now: PhD student in the Robinson and Iglesias labs

    Richard Chen, Undergraduate Student
    Biomedical Engineering

    Jeesoo Kim, Undergraduate Student
    Computer Science

Lab Fun